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The Filipina ladies have posted their photo and contact information here because of their desire for friendship with local or foreign men. Please feel free to send the ladies an sms message, email or even a penpal letter, depending on the contact information they have provided or whichever you prefer. If you are a Filipina lady wishing to have your photo included here so you can meet more friends locally and abroad, just click the JOIN link and submit your photo and contact details for FREE.

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Lea Evangelio
Lea Evangelio


Welcome to the New Filipina Penpal Free Search Gallery!
We now have new age-grouped galleries! You will see it appear below as soon as a Filipina lady belonging to a particular age group has uploaded her picture. As always, their contact information is available next to their photos. You don't need to request for it or join a forum to get their details. With our site, it's very easy to connect with the Filipina ladies!
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